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VBeam Perfecta Specialist

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VBeam Perfecta

What does the Vbeam treat? 

Oftentimes dermatologists will call this their "workhorse laser" as we use it daily.  It is the gold standard vascular laser because it is excellent at treating blood vessels-based lesions such as broken capillaries, spider veins, rosacea, port wine stains, strawberry hemangiomas, cherry angiomas, and venous lakes. In addition to working for vascular lesions, non-vascular skin concerns such as poikiloderma (photodamaged skin), inflammatory acne, red acne scars, hypertrophic scars, warts, fine lines, and wrinkles can greatly benefit as well.   

How does it work?

It works through selective photothermolysis targeting a specific chromophore in the skin called hemoglobin.

How many treatment sessions will it take? What is the downtime? 

It will take approximately 4 treatments every 6 weeks. Numbing is usually not required. Redness and swelling may occur, lasting anywhere from 4-7 days. Maintenance treatments may be required.